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Quality you can trust

Ruakura is a family owned and operated Australian business that started in 1949 and has since become one of the industries leading suppliers for dairy hygiene products. With more than 70 years experience and nationwide coverage, you can be sure that your dairy is in safe hands.

The 3 main sectors of Ruakura are Teat Care & Dairy Hygiene, Agchem & Food Hygiene and Ruakura Engineering. Whatever your dairy needs, you can be sure Ruakura has something to offer. We sell and deliver Australia wide, offer on-farm servicing and maintenance, but above all, we offer unmatched customer service - We care about each and every farm as if it was our own.


Vacuum Pump Oil

A multi-speed, synthetic vacuum pump oil that is specifically designed to achieve high performance.



Iosan is our low-foaming, iodine based sanitiser. It is to be used on any stainless steel surface that comes in contact with milk.


Truck Wash

This biodegradable washing liquid removes dirt and grime. It contains wax and is safe to use on most surfaces of your vehicle.

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