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Teat Care &
Dairy Hygiene

Quality you can trust

Ruakura began producing teat care and dairy hygiene products in 1949. Since then we have innovated and developed to make us one of Australia's leading dairy hygiene suppliers.

Our staff have more than 70 years experience in the dairy industry and offer unrivalled on-farm servicing while providing reliable, free delivery of your sanitizing needs.

Tony Hayes

Dairy Farmer

I’ve been with Ruakura since the early 90’s and I've found their on-farm service is 2nd to none. That’s why we've stuck with them.
Dairy Hygiene

Ruakura began developing teat care products over 70 years ago and through years of innovation has become one of Australia's leading teat care and dairy hygiene suppliers.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
The TS 1000

Australia’s first automatic teat spray arm

Designed in-house at Ruakura by our teat care specialists, The TS 1000 gives you control over the amount of teat dip used while ensuring effective and efficient teat coverage.

Quality you can trust

We are 100% Australian owned and have over 70 years experience in the Dairy industry. Ruakura is the fastest growing teat care and dairy hygiene company in Australia, responsible for pioneering some of the best products on the market.

Service you can count on

Our Reps take ownership of your Dairy's sanitizing needs and offer on-farm servicing and delivery of products for free. The Ruakura team provide experience and a friendly, enthusiastic attitude to help diagnose and solve your dairy hygiene needs.

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