Quality you can trust

Ruakura is a family owned and operated Australian business that originated in the 1960s and is now one of Australia's leading suppliers for dairy hygiene products. With more than 60 years experience and nation wide coverage, you can be sure that your dairy is in safe hands.​

The 3 main sectors of Ruakura are Teat Care & Dairy Hygiene, Agchem & Food Hygiene and Ruakura Engineering. Whatever you're dairy needs, you can be sure Ruakura has something to offer. We sell and deliver Australia wide, offer on-farm servicing and maintenance, but above all, we offer unmatched customer service - We care about each and every farm as if it was our own.


RKL 400

RKL 400 is a low-foaming, liquid detergent. This heavy duty alkali is commonly used for the removal of fat and protein deposits.

Rua Klenza Premium

This low-foaming alkali powder is used as a complete cleaning process detergent. It also has a heavy duty version, Ruakura's Removal Bomb.


Rua Klenza No Foam

An all-purpose low-foaming alkaline detergent suited for the removal of fat and protein deposits. Also available as a medium foaming option.